Odoo ERP Development

Odoo is fast replacing other ERP systems as the most sought-after business management software. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is open source, customisable to the specific needs of most businesses. It has literally hundreds of applications and modules within its framework to choose from, and can easily become the one-stop solution for all your business processes.
Our developers can customise for you from the several Odoo ERP modules like Manufacturing, Inventory control, Purchase, Sales, CRM, Project Management, HR etc and seamlessly integrate the separate modules on a single platform.

Our comprehensive Odoo Development services include:

Interface design:
We customise the look and feel of the ERP system to match your brand elements.

Dashboard creation:
The various dashboards required to completely define every details of workflow are created and finalised.

Report output:
Reporting is the most critical part of the system and we customise it to sync with the process flow and requirement.

System Integration:
We integrate your ERP with other external systems in a seamless manner.

Our Odoo Implementation Approach

Request for proposal
We understand the workflow you desire in your customised ERP and map it to the existing functionality of Odoo.

System design
We design the flow of the system so you get exactly what you're expecting.

We include changes here and there to create a personalised product.

We ensure the final product is bug and error free.

We deploy the final product to your servers or the Cloud.

We train your employees to get started on using Odoo ERP fast and easy.

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